Alaska Vol.1
  • Alaska Vol.1

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    Don´t you settle for anything and always want more, like Alaska Nebraska?

    This are the lashes you´re waiting for, super voluminous, bold and fabulously long. The level of extra you need.

    With high lenght and an evenly distributed volume from less to more creating a winged/eye finish.

    Wear AN Vol.1 just for you or wear it with Vol.2 (Alaska´s go to lash look for any occasion).


      • High-quality mink hair
      • Customizable length perfect for all eye shapes
      • Reusable (Suggested use 20-25 wears)

      • Wrap the lashes around a brush handle for a few seconds to increase flexibility and get a good fit.
      • Measure the lashes by laying them on your lash line. Using scissors, trim excess from the outer corner of the eye.
      • Use tweezers to gently place your Alaska Nebraska Lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Start at the center of the eye, securing out to the corners. Let dry. Brush your natural lashes into the faux lashes to further blend the hairs with a spooley

      • Don´t wet your lashes, it can cause the loss of curl! To clean Alaska Nebraska Lashes gently brush them with a clean mascara spoolie; this will not only clean them, but will help to put them back to a beautiful curl.
      • Don´t apply mascara directly on the Alaska Nebraska Lashes! This way extends their life and the number of wears.